What is moto-trials?

Trials tests the rider's skill, which requires control and balance.  It is a sport that puts the rider and the motorcycle against a designated area of difficult terrain or man-made obstacles.  Unlike other forms of motorcycle competition, it is not a race against other riders or a time clock, although there is a time limit, but rather it is a challenge to negotiate a course without:  putting a foot down to regain balance, backing up, stalling the bike, or riding outside the section boundary markers.  Normally 8 sections are set up around a loop that may be several miles in length.  Riders negotiate each section around the loop 3 or 4 times so everyone will ride 24-32 sections over the course of the day's event.  An "Observer" is placed at each section to score the rider, who is responsible for keeping tabs on the points that are accumulated for dabs or failures to complete the section.  When the day's event is concluded, the rider with the least amount of points determines the winners of the class. 

Some of our club members share why they love the sport of Trials

A Trials competition is unlike any other motorcycling competition in existence.  Aside from the obvious differences in both speed and application of control, the entire attitude of riders and spirit is unlike anything found in the racing industry.  Trials allows the rider to compete at whatever level of difficulty he or she chooses, from Novice to Expert (and occasionally Champ).  We cater to our youth riders as well.  Riders advance to the next level at their own discretion and can remain in any one class indefinitely.  There are no rules or qualifications to start or remain at any particular level, but safety should always be the deciding factor.  During an event, it is common to see riders helping each other throughout the day either by "spotting" for each other on large obstacles, offering advice, or helping with mechanical problems.  The "spotters" job is to either catch the bike or the rider, whichever one needs assistance.  What do the winners get??  Well, in the FTA, the "Podium" consists of the top 3 riders in each class and these riders usually receive a trophy or plaque of some sort.  While this might not seem like much to a professional racer, the entry fees are much lower than any other type of racing and money is not the objective, it is simply to have fun and enjoy improving your riding skills.  

If you would like more information on becoming a member, or you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Officers.