Forms and Rules

FTA sign-up requirements & fees

All riders MUST have a notarized Release and Waiver form on file. The Forms are available for download under the Forms tab. NO riders will be able to participate without this form on file. It MUST be notarized. If you have a Minor rider there is a separate release that MUST be notarized for them (two pages).

1. AMA Cards - are required for Fun in the Sun and Promise Ranch.  That applies to youth riders as well.  If your card has expired, and you did not have time to renew your membership on-line, we will be happy to accommodate you by having you complete the necessary form and collecting any money due the AMA. Cash, check or credit card is acceptable.  If you sign up on-line with the AMA, please print the completed form and bring it with you to the event(s). 

2. Adult Release Forms – Please print and sign your name legibly. When the front is completely filled up, turn the form over and start on the backside.  

3. Minor Release Forms – For minor competitors, both the Parent and the Minor are required to complete the front and the back of the form, filling in all requested information.  In the event the minor’s parents are unable to attend
the event, a notarized Power of Attorney giving another adult authorization to sign on their behalf is required for the FTA files.      

4. Scorecards - will be issued upon completion of the above requirements. Before walking away, make sure you have yours. 

5. Finish Report – Make sure your name has been added to this report when you receive your scorecard.

6. Protests - If you have a protest, please notify the observer or peer scorer at the section so that they can make a note of it.  Protests must be submitted in writing to the Club Director, President or Score Keeper.  

7. Return your scorecards to the sign-up table.  If you are unable to finish the event, please be courteous by turning in your card and writing “DNF” across it, especially if you have to leave early for any reason, so that we are not out looking in the woods for you after the event

8. Injuries – In case of serious injuries, please report these to the Referee,President, or Score Keeper.  If there is a need to notify the AMA, there are specific reports that must be completed within a specified timeframe. The FTA Secretary and the Referee submit these reports. 

9. Event Fees (Cash or checks are acceptable) Fee's below ONLY apply to regular season (not the Fun in the Sun). 

  • $25 event fee for FTA member adult riders

  • $5 event fee for FTA member Youths 17 and under

  • $35 event fee for non-FTA members Adult riders

  • $10 event fee for non-FTA members Youth riders

  • $20 FTA single membership per year

  • $30 FTA family membership per year

  • $49 AMA Membership fee per year (credit card acceptable)

  • $10 gate fee per person per day will be paid at front gate for any event held at Hard Rock Cycle Park.

10. Year End Qualifications :  

  1. 4 of 6 Events count for Overall Championship position

  2. You just have 2 club work credits and one set-up and one observe work credits for the Fun in the Sun/ National competition.