An Executive Board, elected at the close of each season, is responsible for running the FTA.  These Officers are volunteers who serve solely for promoting the sport of trials. 

If you are new to trials or are thinking of joining us in the Florida Trials Association, please contact one of our officers with questions. New members are always welcome.

President's Message

The Florida Trials Association is dedicated to the fun, family-oriented, environmentally friendly sport of moto- trials. 
As in every sport, we measure our skills during competition; these competitions are hosted throughout various areas in Florida. Trials is a great spectator sport as you can safely be within inches of the action. 

Events are usually held on Sundays, which often means that families can enjoy these events together; sometimes even 3 generations of one family will be competing at the same time, occasionally in the same class. 

We have classes for all skill levels, starting with the Novice class, all the way to the Champ class. 

If you’ve never seen a trials competition before or are thinking of getting into trials as a rider or would like to help in setting-up an event, check out the schedule and find an event near you and come out and see what trials is all about. You’ll find that everyone there is glad to help out and answer questions. New members are always welcome.

We hope to see you soon.


Alexander Niederer

FTA President