Welcome to the Florida Trials Association

The Florida Trials Association is a club dedicated to the family - friendly sport of observed motorcycle trials. Our club is for the fun or casual rider, as well as serious competitors of any age.

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Pick the level of difficulty, or line, that you want to compete at, from novice, intermediate, sportsman, advanced, expert or champ. Because moto-trials consists of mainly balance and control elements, it sharpens all aspects of riding skills, and is excellent cross training for other motorcycle sports.

We usually have 6 championship point scoring events each year, 4 fun events with no championship points, and our annual 2-day “Fun In The Sun” event in March. We are proud to be hosting a special event in 2016, Rounds 1 & 2 of the North American Trials Council & AMA National Championship, May 21 – 22.

Just another fun day of riding with friends at Croom!